Thursday, September 11, 2014

Prophecy Hour - End Time Radio - Blood Moon Tetrads-The Perfect Storm

Blood Moon Tetrads-The Perfect Storm


Blood Moon Tetrads-The Perfect Storm
Tom Kerry
Shemitah is going to crash the economy in 2015?
Is this Armageddon, or even the prophesied return of Christ? Religious leaders and Biblical writers are speculating with "Apocalyptic Alarm" that doom is at our door. Will this eighth Tetrad be the fulfillment to the Blood Moons spoken of in Scripture? Monumental, global events are point to something, but what?
Is it the Blood Moon Tetrads, or are they pointing to something of even greater concern?
Who can you believe? You need to know!
Blood Moon Tetrads-The Perfect Storm will help aid you from being taken in by speculation or taken by surprise by important upcoming events. Separate the facts from the fiction, the phony hype from the clear Biblical truths

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