Thursday, March 19, 2015

Prophecy Hour - End Time Radio By Messiah's Branch - ERROR IN THE CHURCH!



Prophet Leslie Johnson
The Churches we are talking about are politically or socially correct, they have a spirit of compromise with in them allowing homosexuality, adultery, and all sorts of sexual sin in. they Compromise calling Allah the same God as the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the Ruler of Universe.

What you see is basically a Lawless spirit that calls good evil and evil good..

Tonight we have on with us Leslie Johnson, She is the Husband of Stan Johnson and co Founder of the Prophecy Club.

The Prophecy Club besides being an End-Time church is a five fold church and She has been called to the office of Prophet.
She has pinpoint accuracy in her dreams, visions and prophetic words.

She has given over 5,000 personal prophecies and is a gifted speaker all across America.

God has given her several regional, national and international prophecies which have come to pass:

She also is the author of 4 books:
The Perfect Touch,
The Crown of Glory,
Help Me I'm All Tied Up,
More Than A Ruby, and the
19 DVDs: Crown of Glory,
The Perfect Touch,
Dreams and Visions from God,
Scriptural Keys for Spiritual Victory,
What It Takes to Be a Prophet,
Curse Free Living,
More than a Ruby – More than a Stud,
Angels At Work, True or False Prophecies and a series of 12 DVD's called Error in the Church,
It is the Error in The church she spoke about tonight!
For the next 30 days or rather until April 19th, 2015
785 266-1112785 266-1112
If you want to order the DVD Error in the Church set Leslie is speaking about tonight simply call the Prophecy Club at 785 266-1112785 266-1112 and say, "MESSIAH'S BRANCH" and all the funds received above shipping and handling They will donate to MESSIAH'S BRANCH.
It is
12 DVD's called Error in the Church
13 Topics on 12 DVD's valued at $330
You may Pre order Error in the Church for a gift of $180
Or you can call and give your credit card and agree to four monthly gifts of $50 and we will send you three DVD's now and the other 8 after the second $50 gift then each thirty days charge the other two $50 gifts totaling 4 monthly $50 gifts.
13 Topics on 11 DVD's:
Mysticism in the Christian Church
Kundalini Spirit Warning
Chrislam: The Nation Killer
Seeker Friendly/Seeker Sensitive
Kingdom Now Theology
Emergent Church/Postmodernism
Hyper-Grace Movement
G12 Vision, Taizé Worship, Tangible Kingdom Movement
False Christs
New Age in the Christian Church
Cracked and Twisted

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