Thursday, August 9, 2018

End Time Radio By Messiah's Branch - PROPHECY HOUR: ALLIANCE OF EVIL!


August 09, 2018 06:44 PM PDT

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis, US Army retired

The Alliance of Evil reveals...
*A realistic view of the prophetic scriptures regarding the end times and whether China, Russia and the United States are players in the final scenario.
*Sixteen indicators of a new dual Cold War-like future with China and Russia pitted against the United States and her allies.
*How the new dual Cold War is fanned by American arrogance, hubris which reflects the weakened, perhaps declining United States.
*The similarities and differences between the old Cold War (1945-1991), United States versus the Soviet Union, and the new dual Cold War are stark, sobering and frightening.
*How, as prophesied, China and Russia emerged as a new kind of great power duo which are now aligning themselves against the U.S. for a final showdown.
*Four modern "battlegrounds" host the new dual Cold War confrontation; any one of which could well explode into apocalyptic global war.
*How the Trump administration's national security strategy intends to shape the new dual Cold War international environment while avoiding kinetic conflict if that is possible.
*A futuristic view of how the duo of Russia and China might morph into a real end times provoking catalyst thanks to previously unfathomable technologies such as hypersonic nuclear-tipped cruise missiles and artificial intelligent platforms as well as geopolitical relations that are only now beginning to emerge.

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