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Pastor Carl Gallups

From pastor Carl Gallups
We are forever getting new followers on Facebook and new listeners to Freedom Friday - so it's only fair for the newest ones to know exactly who I am and where I stand on very important issues of our day. The following should prove useful in this regard:
First and foremost - I am an ambassador for Jesus Christ. I am a former Florida law enforcement officer who was gloriously saved by the grace of Jesus. I am unashamed to speak that truth and declare the Word of God and the Name of Jesus. I'm not obnoxious about it, nor do I pressure or manipulate people to "believe" as I do. I am just passionate about my relationship with the Lord and love to speak about the things of God with anyone who truly wants to delve in the contextual truth of God's Word.

Second, I'm an INVOLVED pastor. Not only in direct kingdom work, ministries and international missions endeavors - but also in the political environment of our own times (like Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah ... oh well, you get the point). I do not apologize for it. I believe a Christian is sorely missing a huge part of their purpose in life, especially if they completely check out of the process of influencing their surrounding culture in every potential way that they can. We are to be the salt and light in the midst of the world.
A lost world will act like a lost world - but God's people are called by Jesus himself to be the salt and light to a dark and rotting world. Shame on us, if we don't engage the culture with truth, love, the Gospel, and direct intervention when possible. I opened Trump's very first national rally in Pensacola, FL in March 2016. I went all over Christian TV and begged God's people to vote for him over Hillary. I was reported about on Fox News Business Report for doing so (in a positive way, believe it or not). I do not think Donald Trump is the savior of America or an angel from Heaven - but I do believe that God is using him - for many things (I'll talk more about that on this channel in future posts - some of it may surprise you). I cannot even imagine a United States under Hillary or Joe.

Third - while admitting that America, like any other nation of the world, has a lot to be ashamed of from its past - and even (especially) in its current day - I am UNASHAMED of our biblical foundation as a nation and the prosperity, freedom, and power that the Lord of Heaven has poured out upon us. We will soon lose it all if the church keeps "losing its saltiness." I am working hard to do my little part in preserving our constitutional republic for our children and grandchildren and for the Gospel's sake. I am not ashamed to salute our flag, stand for the National Anthem, and shed a tear when I do either of them. BUT - I kneel for no one - except Jesus Christ.

Fourth - I am prolife - radical prolife. I'll care about turtle eggs and eagle's nests when our SCOTUS cares about life in the human womb.
I am Pro-constitution (1st and 2nd amendments are especially dear to me.) I am also Pro-one man/one woman marriage. Pro-female and male gender only. Pro womanhood, manhood, and childhood. Pro family, home, marriage and community.
I legally carry a concealed firearm almost everywhere I go - even in the pulpit. Not ashamed of it. Not going to apologize for it. If you have a problem with this concept read Nehemiah. They "carried" WHILE they were doing the Lord's work. In fact, it was required. I don't judge anyone who doesn't carry. Just don't tell me that "I shouldn't." (I'll love you anyway, even if you do!).

Fifth - I am not a racist by any definition. My entire life bears this out. You'll not find a single verifiable instance of pure racism in my life - and I've led a very public life for over 40 years. I don't apologize to anyone for it. It's the biblical stance to take. However, I firmly believe that ALL LIVES truly do MATTER, above and beyond ANY single racial group. This truth is the central message of the entire Bible and Gospel declaration! However, I DO NOT support They are communist, racist, pro-radical gay agenda. They say it on their website. I will never support them or their anti-Christ cause.
Nor am I a "homophobe." People who are very dear to me (in my own family, connected to our church family, and friends in the community around me) are "homosexual." I love them, and I am immensely decent to them, but do not support the homosexual lifestyle and especially the radical church-hating and marriage hating agenda.
I love them enough to lovingly and thoroughly answer their questions about what the word of God really says about the issue. I can separate the one who is in sin (and love them dearly) from the sin itself. I am smart enough and spirit-filled enough to do that. I make no apologies for my stance in this area.

Sixth - WE DID NOT SHUT DOWN OUR CHURCH during Covid. Almost EVERY church of EVERY denomination around us shut down. We took tremendous heat and ridicule for it. Especially on social media. (Little did these people know that they were fulfilling a last-days prophecy from Jesus himself - "Brother and sister will turn against brother and sister. They will hand you over to the authorities"). But, we took thoughtful medical and procedural precautions, giving careful and judicious instruction. We never "required" masks or "social distancing." Nor did we pressure or ridicule anyone who did not come, or anyone who wore a mask, etc.
We treat adults like adults and not "wards" of the "church." We are not a cult. We are a spirit-filled, Jesus exalting, Word of God preaching church. We held worship services wherein we prayed and read scripture over our church, agreeing together to give Jesus the glory for keeping us safe and healthy as a congregation during the height of the global panic. Just as the early church did, and for the last 2,000 years - until 2020.
We have many hundreds in attendance every single Lord's Day. For the entire 11 months of the COVID panic we worshipped and live streamed and did MISSIONS all over the Gulf Coast area. What have been the results? Perfectly healthy! NO ONE who was regularly attending our services went to the hospital, were put on a respirator, or died. NO ONE.
Less than 10 actually were diagnosed with COVID from among us (their work required the testing). Of those, only 3 or 4 got sick enough to stay home. They recovered and came back to church when it was safe for them to do so. The rest had no symptoms at all. We continued to do regional missions among thousands of people (hurricane relief, gospel missions endeavors, etc.) In these last 11 months I have never been healthier. And neither has our church as a whole. To Jesus Christ be the glory for it all! We prayed and asked - He answered and GAVE!
Please forgive me. I didn't mean to be so lengthy. I just wanted to be clear about "who I am." And my sincere attempt to walk in consistent faith and integrity. Hope this helps. I do NOT insist that everyone think or believe like I do to enjoy Facebook and our relationship together. We all have to live here on this planet and internet together - for a short while anyway. I'm willing to enjoy with you, if you are.
God bless.
Thanks for letting me vent.....
Romans 12:17-19
…17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Carefully consider what is right in the eyes of everybody. 18 If it is possible on your part, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but leave room for God's wrath. For it is written: "Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord."…
Pastor Carl Gallups

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