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New End Time Radio By Messiah's Branch - "Proclaiming HIS Name"

"Proclaiming HIS Name"


"Proclaiming HIS Name"

Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson

This two were back on radio with me with an incredible free teaching 18 hour teaching series! A must listen in program then go to the link above for the teachings…
Nehemia Gordon joined Keith and I for an exciting time, it took us a couple of minutes to get him on as he gave us his Chinese Cell phone to call him on?
All and all it still turned out to be a great program!

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From Keith Johnson
Will never forget that amazing day in the Spring of 2002. Come with me. As Nehemia Gordon and I waited to tour the tunnels under Jerusalem, I asked him a question that had intrigued me for a long time: How do you say God's name?

I had asked this question of many Jewish people before Nehemia, but with no success. They either said it was too holy to pronounce, too profound for me to understand, or too powerful for me to handle; therefore, I was prohibited from proclaiming His name.

When I asked my new friend Nehemia, who happened to be both Jewish and a Hebrew Bible scholar, about the pronunciation of the name he responded by asking me a question: "Do you know any Hebrew?"

During the year prior to my trip to Israel, I had reacquainted myself with my Hebrew language studies from seminary.

I was excited to respond to his question with a "Yes." After writing the four Hebrew letters יהוה on a piece of paper, Nehemia went on to give me a short refresher lesson on Hebrew vowels.

After his discourse, I asked him to pronounce the name. With no hesitation he said something like,

"According to the consonants and the vowels found in the earliest vocalized Hebrew manuscripts, His name is pronounced…" (hear it on the web site!)

Immediately it seemed as if all sights and sounds around us were frozen in time, like a freeze frame of a movie.

I looked up and saw a man with a prayer shawl draped over his shoulders standing in front of us, a shofar pressed to his lips.

The moment Nehemia said the name, the man sent forth two blasts from his shofar. The freeze frame vanished.

The pronunciation of the Heavenly Father's name, combined with the sound of the shofar, reverberated in my ears and revived my heart….Go to the link below for the rest

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