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Mission Watch-End Time Radio - DANGER ISIL in the United States
DANGER ISSL in the United States
DANGER ISIL in the United States Dave Gaubatz
Dave Says "If you were to ask any Islamic scholar they would tell you to faithfully practice Islam you must to the following basic principles:

1. A Muslim must adhere to all aspects of Shariah law, not just ones they feel like following. The acceptance of Shariah law cannot be separated.
It is not a pick and choose system. For those who neglect portions of Shariah law they have left Islam and became Apostates.
2. A Muslim must have in their heart a desire to engage in physical Jihad in all places and all times.
For those who can't fight they must provide financial and other support to the Mujahadeen (fighters).
If they do not have the means to do this, at the very least they must support Jihad in their hearts.
3. A Muslim must desire a Caliphate. This is for Islam to be the dominate ideology in all parts of the world.
You will hear numerous Muslims say this is not true, but basic common sense and Shariah law prove this to be accurate.
Does not every Christian desire the world to accept Christianity and follow the beliefs? The same is true for Islam and Muslims.
4. The basic fundamentals of Islam dictate that slavery is authorized under Shariah law.
This is why all of the Islamic terrorist groups kidnap and sell girls into slavery.
5. The marriage of girls as young as six years old is a standard practice within Islam. Mohammed married Aisha when she was six years old and all practicing Muslims state that Mohammed is an example for other Muslims to follow, and they do.
Child marriages are not only being conducted in the Middle East in the name of Islam, but there are numerous mosques in America that advocate to the Muslim men to marry children.
6. Shariah law authorizes the Muslim man to beat his wife or wives.
7. Shariah law is not compatible with any man-made law and the Islamic ideology declares man-made laws do not have to be followed. Islamic leader's state Shariah law and the U.S. Constitution are not compatible.
8. Islam teaches that the Quran and Shariah law are applicable to all, and they can never be changed.
9. The Islamic ideology teaches that Jews, Christians, and other non-Muslims are the enemies of Islam.
10. Islam teaches that the land currently Israel belongs to the Muslim people and Shariah authorizes the destruction of the Israeli state and all Jews.
There are around 2300 mosques and Islamic Centers in America.
I have been to hundreds of mosques in America and outside of America.
I estimate only about 25% of people who identify with Islam are practicing Muslims.
This correlates to mean that about 1.5 million Muslims in America practice Islam as Prophet Mohammed dictated 1400 years ago.
1.5 million Islamic terrorists can do a non- recoverable amount of damage to our country. So, yes ISIS and their supporters are operating
in America and we will soon be provided proof
in the way of isolated terrorist attacks simultaneously all across our great country.

Final Analysis: The Islamic ideology itself
must be destroyed by continuously calling
it for what it is...Evil
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